Why the Fed REALLY Wants a Central Bank Digital Currency

Why the Fed REALLY Wants a Central Bank Digital Currency

For most of 2022, the Federal Reserve has been trying to get ahold of the economy’s reins. Hiking interest rates is all it can do right now.

But like we’ve been talking about this week, the Fed has a different plan for 2023.

It wants to create a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to replace the U.S. dollar.

Essentially, the Fed wants to snatch away the security net from under us.

But why?

I created a short video that breaks down:

  1. What CBDCs are exactly.
  2. How CBDCs are entirely different from cryptocurrency.
  3. Why the Fed really wants a digital dollar.

And most importantly, I explain what a U.S. centralized digital currency would mean for your money.

Start watching to find out more:

(If you’d like to read a transcript, click here.)

Want to Learn More About the Fed’s Digital Currency Plan?

The U.S. isn’t the only one. There are 110 other countries planning to adopt a CBDC (or already have one). India, Russia and Brazil are all on the list of nations who are at least “exploring” the possibility, or have already released a prototype digital currency.

Yesterday, I released a special webinar that breaks down everything else you should know about central bank digital currencies.

I also reveal three crucial steps you can take to protect your money. To access that webinar for free today, just click here to start watching!

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