3 Ways to Profit From AI Cybersecurity

3 Ways to Profit From AI Cybersecurity

The once-thought impenetrable MGM Casino was hacked.

It exposed the data of millions of guests, potentially including driver’s licenses, social security numbers and more.

And this was carried out by a handful of “teens and young adults who have allied themselves with one of the world’s most notorious ransomware gangs.”

As our lives get more and more digital, cybersecurity is clearly a major concern for private companies, for the U.S. government and for us.

So it’s no shock that businesses are starting to use the power of AI to strengthen antivirus software and create better firewalls for our bank accounts, emails and digital identities.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, software companies are beating out cybersecurity hardware companies, returning 31% vs. 8%, respectively.

This gives us a major investing opportunity, as tech giants begin to consolidate and buy up certain AI-driven cybersecurity companies.

In this week’s video, I’ll give you the scoop on an acquisition Wall Street thinks will send tech deals soaring

And three key ways you can invest in the AI cybersecurity trend.

(💡Plus, find out how to get my new AI stock pick — coming Wednesday!)

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: The U.S. government won’t be shutting down, so let’s turn our attention back to the U.S. labor market and automaker strikes. What impact could this have on the stock market? (I give a forecast for the end of 2023.) [2:17]
  • Mega Trend: AI isn’t just helping the labor market. It’s also addressing a major concern for us all: cybersecurity. And you can invest in the companies that are keeping our digital accounts safer. [8:15]
  • Investing Opportunity #1: Consider buying shares of this exchange-traded fund. [9:36]
  • Investing Opportunity #2: Find out what small-cap stocks have outperformed this year, and how generative AI could push one cybersecurity small cap in the True Momentum portfolio higher! (If you’re not a member yet, find out how to access the stock name + ticker here.) [10:00]
  • Investing Opportunity #3: This Wednesday, I’m sending out a new trade alert to True Momentum subscribers on a new AI stock! [10:37]
  • Crypto Corner: The hottest sector in the crypto space is decentralized finance (DeFi). It effectively cuts out the middleman of central banks. But now, those banks are trying to get in on the action — by integrating DeFi into their business models. (DeFi is the future of finance!) [13:36]

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