This NEW AI Strategy Predicts Profit Season in the Stock Market

This NEW AI Strategy Predicts Profit Season in the Stock Market

Head to the casino, put your money on the table and let the cards decide…

You might win.

But the odds aren’t great.

How about these odds? 96-to-1.

That’s more like a winning strategy I’d use.

The stock market is experiencing some volatility right now. Inflation is still an ongoing issue as the U.S. economy continues to run hot.

But like our Banyan Edge team said yesterday: Everyone wants an edge.

That’s why we asked Mike Carr to talk to us. His new trading strategy can be that edge to help you beat the market 96-to-1.

He’s doing it using an AI-based program that takes the guesswork out of investing — by finding the right stock to buy at the right time.

You’ve got to see this…


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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: Economists are lowering expectations for a U.S. recession, even as the economy stays hot. What does this mean for our 2024 outlook? [1:00]
  • Big Banks: Remember back in March when a few regional banks collapsed? There’s something happening in the bond market that I’ve never seen in all my years on Wall Street. [4:21]
  • Special Guest: Mike Carr breaks down the little-known “seasonality” of stocks with this new AI strategy. And how you can take advantage of it. [6:39]
  • Crypto Corner: Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock) says people are calling him about bitcoin, for a “flight to quality.” [19:15]
  • Reader Spotlight: I answer crypto questions on the potential “fedcoin,” about states that don’t allow crypto exchanges and which altcoins make the best investment opportunities. [21:00]

Until next time,

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

P.S. Mike’s new service, Apex Profit Alert, can predict the best time to buy and sell a stock, all within its right “season.” To learn even more about it (and sign up), just go here to get started.

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