A $2.5 Trillion Opportunity in the Biotech Industry

“I don’t want to hear that word, impossible … tell me what you need to get it done.”

This is what Bob Swanson, founder of Genentech, said to one of his head scientists in order to engineer a medical breakthrough.

In 1979, Genentech managed to create synthetic human insulin.

This was at a time where the U.S. demand for insulin was putting pressure on its manufacturers — including Eli Lilly, Genentech’s manufacturer.

The company was able to produce synthetic insulin in laboratories from bacteria, using recombinant DNA technology (meaning DNA molecules of two different species).

It was safer, had fewer side effects and didn’t cause immune rejection or allergic responses.

And best of all, it was cheaper.

It was such a breakthrough that the FDA didn’t take years to approve it … but only five months.

Genentech launched what we now refer to as the biotech industry.

In medicine, that simply means taking the biology of DNA and using technology to manipulate it in order to create new treatments.

Now 45 years later, biotech is a $1.77 trillion industry — up from $1.55 trillion in 2023.

By 2030, that’s projected to reach close to $4 trillion

Biotech Is on the Rise (in Trillions)

The Biotech Industry is a 2.5 Trillion Opportunity

That’s a $2.5 trillion increase … and a unique investing opportunity.

Because now, AI and machine learning technology have created a new segment within the biotech industry…

It’s already begun to revolutionize this sector, as tech companies help pave the way for new medical breakthroughs … and save even more lives in the process.

This is why you should look out for my announcement on Thursday, July 11.

My new research has led me to three publicly traded companies in this subsector of the biotech world that could surge up to 10X over the next few years…

And possibly upwards of 7,500% or more within a decade.

So, stay tuned!

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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