EVs Rev Up the Energy Transition Market (Renewable Energy)

In 2023, a massive $1.8 trillion was invested globally in the energy transition market (renewable energy). This is a 17% jump over the previous year!

The biggest driver? Electric vehicles (EVs), which accounted for over a third of total spending.

Of course, this creates a great investing opportunity. There is a whole supply chain of stocks involved in making the microchips that program EVs, along with their batteries. I believe this is one of those market trends that will continue marching forward throughout this decade.

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But that’s not all. Investments also surged in emerging renewable energy areas like hydrogen, carbon capture and energy storage.

Why is this happening now?

Well, many countries are trying to move away from dependency on traditional oil and gas — especially China and Europe…

And you’ll find out why in today’s video.

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: January’s 2024 jobs report is in! U.S. employers are hiring at a breakneck speed. And get ready for an update on inflation. [1:31]
  • Tech Trends: EVs and “clean tech” are paving the way for energy transition investments. [7:13]
  • How to Invest: If you’re not yet invested in the future of energy, learn more about how AI is creating the future of energy here. [9:28]
  • Crypto Corner: Larry Fink, one of the most influential people in finance, agrees with me. He says we’re going to see the “tokenization of real-world assets.” Here is one crypto you should buy now. [15:16]

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Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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