CES 2024: The 3 Biggest Tech Trends of the Year

Last week was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was mind-blowing.

Not only did I discover that it was 30 degrees in Las Vegas, but I also got the scoop on three new mega trends that could continue to revolutionize global tech markets this year.

Advances in AI, robotics and virtual reality (VR) were the key topics for mass disruption.

For example: a new type of AI called “large action models,” that are designed to replicate human actions on digital interfaces. CES featured the Rabbit OS on r1 — what Interesting Engineering calls “real-world magic.”

I left feeling like I’d witnessed exactly that.

Rabbit OS could eliminate the need for multiple apps in your phone — or even suggest recipes based on what’s in your fridge.

Meanwhile, developments in robotics don’t just include the Roomba. (Think self-driving lawn mowers.)

And even VR innovations that are challenging the idea of “mixed reality.”

Start watching today’s video to learn more about the biggest tech trends of 2024!

(Or read the transcript here.)


🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

CES 2024

  • Market News: Earnings season is here! United Health, JPMorgan and Bank of America all disclosed reports. One of these companies closed on its “most profitable year in banking history.” [1:10]
  • Market Prediction: Inflation is coming down. Will the U.S. economy have a “hard landing” or a “soft landing”? [3:10]
  • Crypto Corner: Not just 1, but 11 bitcoin ETFs have been approved! But why isn’t bitcoin (BTC) rallying? (Plus, my prediction on BTC’s biggest catalyst for mass adoption.) [6:30]
  • Mailbag: Mike and Shiela ask about crypto’s volatility in early January. [15:20]
  • Tech Trends: CES 2024! The biggest global tech event had three amazing takeaways that we’ll be watching (and potentially investing in). [17:50]

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Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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