Wall Street Watches New Tech Trend Sweeping Small Towns

Wall Street Watches New Tech Trend Sweeping Small Towns

I sent out a fun message this week…

“Calling All Tide Riders!”

You see, the most important lesson I learned while surfing AND investing over the years…

You need to ride the tide.

Our investing strategy looks for big breakthroughs that cause massive tidal shifts. We call them “tipping points.”

This year, we’ve been riding the tide in artificial intelligence (AI). Some of our stocks have soared as high as 300% because the current (mega trend) is pushing our stocks higher.

That’s why I asked my readers to write in. I wanted to know where our Tide Riders are from because there’s a new technology trend sweeping through small towns in America, and it might be popping up in a city near you!

And look at this map…

Tide Riders are in for this small-town investing opportunity.

Our Tide Riders reach almost all 50 states!! And 11 different countries.

That’s amazing. (If you’re a Tide Rider, click here to let me know!)

We love seeing where our Tide Riders are from! Here are some of the hometown pictures our Tide Riders sent me:

Collage of Tide rider small towns.

But in all seriousness, this is a very important trend I wanted you to be aware of… Because the next big tidal tipping point sweeping small towns in America is HERE RIGHT NOW.

And you can ride this new wave toward potentially massive gains.

Last time we saw a tide like this rush through a small town? Fifty years ago. Early investors saw gains as high as 3,500% in five years.

Now it’s happening again … on a small 3.6-mile stretch of road in America. Could it be happening in your own backyard?

Just imagine the small-town boom you could witness firsthand. But either way, I’ve got you covered.

I even sent a video team (with a drone!) to the small town I’m talking about to investigate. Because it already has the attention of some of Wall Street’s biggest firms.

One firm is investing $100 billion.

So whether you live there or not, you can profit from what’s happening — and ride the tide!

I’m sharing all the details on Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET.

Amber and I have also been posting exclusive blog posts about this. You can catch up on all of them here.

Then tune in Tuesday for the full story.

Your fellow Tide Rider,

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