Your Questions Answered: Is AI Safe?

With innovation comes growth, investment opportunity and progress…

But also growing pains, and even fear.

Just like the advent of the internet in the ‘90s, artificial intelligence is one of the most polarizing technologies of 2023.

And yet, its potentially limitless applications (especially as an investing tool) have one of our readers a bit concerned…

So is AI safe? Or will its negative impacts on our society outweigh the incredible good it’s already doing for the U.S. economy?

Find out more in today’s video…


(Or read the transcript here.)


🔥Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Raymond asks: “Making money is great, but what about human safety?” [0:10]
  • The buzz this year: What is AI exactly? [0:30]
  • When innovation comes, you have “Baptists” and “Bootleggers.” [2:00]
  • Why total factor productivity growth is so important for our economy. (And how AI is helping.) [4:40]


That’s all for now, but if you have any more questions or comments about the safety of AI (and how you can use it in your investing strategy), just let us know!

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