Top Tech Investments to Buy Before 2023

Monday is our day to talk about market moves. And today, we have something special lined up.

Gartner, a company that’s made $4.7 billion on giving business advice to other businesses, came out with this prediction:

“By 2027, 40% of large organizations worldwide will use a combination of Web3, augmented reality cloud, as well as digital twins and metaverse-based projects aimed at increasing revenue.”

So Amber and I took a closer look at the top-performing technology trends of this entire year.

And we’ve pinpointed four major players in the tech sector that are shaping up to be mega investment opportunities for 2023 — what we call “inflation-proof.”

In today’s video, we’re talking about:

  • The metaverse: Zuckerberg isn’t the only one betting on meta.
  • Artificial intelligence: Robots and other AI tech are becoming “must-haves” for modern businesses.
  • Super apps: They’re big in China and powering up in the U.S.
  • 5G: It’s been out for a while in our smartphones, but it’s finally gaining momentum around the world.

There are so many amazing things happening in the tech world — more sophisticated devices and software being dreamed up, opening up new industries to discover.

Sometimes this kind of innovation falls through, or it makes our lives more complicated than they were before.

But I believe these four trends represent where the best of 2022 tech is going, and here’s why.

Check out the latest episode of Monday Market Insights for the top tech investments you should buy before 2023:

(If you’d like to read a transcript, click here.)

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