How to Beat Inflation With 2.0 Tech

The Federal Reserve is at it again…

The U.S. central bank raised interest rates by another 75 basis points. That’s the third time in a row!

But the Fed isn’t the only one being aggressive.

In fact, central banks around the world are raising rates to combat inflation.

It’s a global problem. As a result, rising interest rates are creating a major ripple effect through every market.

Fortunately, there are still opportunities: You just have to look harder for them.

Today on Monday Market Insights, Amber and I talk about what happens after inflation inevitably breaks — into deflation.

We also reveal three tech companies that could be “deflationary.” By that we mean:

  • Innovative: Companies that help people do more with less.
  • Growing: Their sales/revenue projections are steadily increasing.
  • Surviving & Thriving: Companies that aren’t just surviving the bear market, but are thriving in it.

And like Tesla, these 2.0 tech companies are capitalizing on the hottest mega trend right now for electric vehicles: lithium refining.

Find out more in today’s episode of Monday Morning Insights:

(If you’d like to read a transcript, click here.)


In case you missed it:

On Friday, I gave a rundown of last week’s FOMC meeting, why the market sold off, and why the Fed is doing the right thing about inflation.


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