This Next-Gen Crypto Phone Could Kill the iPhone

This Next-Gen Crypto Phone Could Kill the iPhone

The Next Gen Effect is at it again.

That’s the term I coined for when 2.0 is bigger, better and faster than 1.0.

Like when Facebook overtook Myspace…

Google overpowered Altavista…

And the iPhone left BlackBerry in the dust.

Smartphones are going to be hit yet again with brand-new tech. And it could shake this industry to its core.

Consider this: Consumers spent 4.8 hours a day on their devices in 2021.

And around 7.26 billion people own a smartphone. That’s about 92% of the global population.

It’s a massive market. And it’s ripe for disruption.

There’s a reason for the smartphone’s rise to prominence: It’s useful (and a bit addictive).

But recently, the crypto industry gave us a glimpse of the next generation of smartphones.

And it could change how we interact online forever…

The Next Generation of Smartphones Is Here

I was in New York City last week for NFT.NYC.

It’s an annual conference that brings together artists, collectors and entrepreneurs in the NFT space.

There were art exhibitions, demonstrations and a conference floor that spanned nine floors of the Marriott Marquis.

But the highlight of the week was Solana’s announcement of the Saga, a new Android smartphone.

This isn’t just any old smartphone.

You see, with our current smartphones, we’re tied to Web 2.0.

Sure, with our current apps, we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world with a few taps and swipes.

But Web 2.0 is also flawed. Companies are able to exploit your data for their own purposes.

As for Solana’s Saga? Well, it allows you to access Web3 right from your mobile device.

It also includes a hardware wallet to store your cryptos and NFTs.

And its Solana Mobile Stack software kit lets developers build blockchain-based apps on any Android smartphone.

The software kit lets developers create native apps that can leverage the blockchain.

Thus you can change how you use and share your data.

Think about using social media without handing your photos over to Facebook.

Or paying for coffee without the merchant being charged a credit card fee.

The Next Gen Effect is coming for smartphones — and it’s being ushered in by crypto.

Get Ready for Crypto’s Next Wave

It’s estimated that only about 3.9% of the world’s population owns cryptocurrency.

That amounts to 300 million worldwide users.

This is only a tiny fraction of the 92% of people that own a smartphone.

Even if Solana’s smartphone doesn’t become the next iPhone, it’s likely that many of its Android-based apps will become popular.

And as smartphone owners turn to crypto-based apps to protect their data, that could help crypto’s user base blast higher.

Remember: Mobile devices brought forth a wave of Web 2.0 companies like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook.

So I believe decentralized mobile apps will unleash a new wave of crypto startups.

And that means big things are ahead for the crypto market.


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Ian King

Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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