The No. 1 Reason Space Stocks Could Skyrocket

The No. 1 Reason Space Stocks Could Skyrocket

Lately, rocket launches have captivated me.

Such as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos launching actor William Shatner into space.

Or Tesla CEO Elon Musk landing another Falcon 9 booster.

I’m totally on board with this new era of space exploration.

I feel like my 10-year-old self again walking into the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for the first time.

Space is exciting once again. But many investors don’t understand why it’s important.

Many believe that space travel is just a lavish endeavor for the rich.

The mainstream media focuses on billionaire Richard Branson’s trips into space. But something bigger is happening…

And I believe that space stocks will see some of the best returns in the next decade.

Tipping Points for New Tech

I’m a growth investor.

I look for investments where a new technology is growing faster than the market expects.

When this happens, it creates a tipping point, and investment dollars come flooding in.

Tipping-point events often occur in places where the cost of doing business is plummeting.

An example of this is the falling cost of lithium-ion batteries.

It’s down over 90% in the past decade.

That’s paving the way for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Or how the cost of sequencing a human genome has dropped dramatically.

It went from $100 million at the turn of the century to under $1,000 today.

This opened the door for companies to develop genetic therapies.

The cost of space exploration is following a similar trajectory.

Internet for Everyone

Companies like SpaceX have lowered the price of launches.

They used to cost $20,000/kg. Now they’re $2,000/kg.

The cost may drop even further to $20/kg this decade.

This is important because satellite communications enable things to connect on the ground.

It creates an internet with no dead zones and makes devices able to connect from anywhere on Earth.

Morgan Stanley estimates the space industry could make over $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2040.

Global space economy growth chart

Morgan Stanley thinks satellite broadband will represent 50% of revenues from space.

But I think revenue from space could be even higher.

1 Space Stock Positioned to Grow

Demand for bandwidth is increasing. Meanwhile, the cost of installing new satellites in space is falling.

Remember, when the cost of new technology drops, it opens up research that wasn’t possible before.

Think of how big the market for lithium-ion batteries will be this decade.

With prices falling, they won’t just be in cars. It’s now feasible to pair a battery with a solar installation.

No one imagined this use case when it wasn’t economically possible.

The same will apply to space. As prices drop, more use cases become apparent.

And in my new small-cap report, I’ve identified one space company positioned to grow with this new market…


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