This IoT Project Threatens Major Telecoms

This IoT Project Threatens Major Telecoms

Our dryer is on its last legs.

With a toddler running around, the laundry is endless in our household.

That means a broken dryer is a family emergency.

I went to Best Buy over the weekend to order a new one. It’s a fully loaded Samsung in platinum gray.

The salesperson mentioned that it also comes in a “smart” model.

Of course, I ordered that option.

Everything in and around our house is smart.

The thermostat knows what temperature is perfect for sleep.

The Roomba knows to vacuum every other morning.

Our shades open and close at sunrise and sunset.

Even the sprinklers know not to turn on if rain is in the forecast.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. Every appliance has a digital brain.

We haven’t quite reached Rosie the robot maid from The Jetsons. But it isn’t too far away.

The newest iteration of smart devices will help us manage everyday tasks.

And one IoT project I’ve been following could disrupt the entire telecom industry.

In the process, this company can help you make money off building this new network.

Anyone Can Purchase a Helium Hotspot

In March, I wrote about one of my favorite crypto projects called Helium.

The project rewarding consumers for buying and connecting hotspots to the network.

Anyone can purchase a Helium hotspot. It’s a peer-to-peer wireless network for low-power IoT devices.

The Helium protocol rewards those who provide coverage with HNT tokens. They’re used by devices to receive and send data.

You can also trade the HNT tokens for U.S. dollars on the Binance exchange.

The Start of a Decentralized Wireless Network

Helium’s growth is exponential.

The number of miners on the network has been up over 150X in the past few years.

It’s up from several thousand at the beginning of 2020 to almost 300,000 today.

When I penned the article in March, the price of Helium was $9.20.

It was up significantly from under $2 in late 2020. That’s when I alerted subscribers of my crypto newsletter to the opportunity.

But that was only the beginning. The price of HNT was high as $59 on the Binance exchange on Sunday.

The market cap is now $4.3 billion. However, this is only a fraction of what a decentralized wireless network could be worth.

Let the IoT Work for You

Moreover, the company is moving from low-frequency data to 5G.

This solves a huge problem.

Telecom companies can’t roll out 5G fast enough because it requires more hubs.

Helium fixes this by incentivizing consumers to help build out the 5G network.

The company recently partnered with the Dish Network to roll out a 5G version of the device.

You can join the waitlist to purchase a FreedomFi device and earn HNT by clicking the link here.

In doing so, the IoT will work for you!


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