Ian in server roomStrategic Fortunes is a unique stock investment research service by Ian King.

Ian King and his team of experts use the four-step strategy to find innovative companies that are poised to propel the economy forward.

These companies will not only soar, but also enable a host of new technologies — such as 5G, blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, drones and quantum computing.

And the right company in the right trend could deliver you a triple- or quadruple-digit windfall.

Just see what readers are saying about Ian King and Strategic Fortunes:

I joined you in January 2020 and have really enjoyed your services. I retired in January and have always wanted to do some stock trading. Strategic Fortunes has been a great investment for me. I love your weekly updates and webinars. I have a lot of faith in your stock picks, keep up your great work. I’m looking forward to continued success working with [Strategic Fortunes.] — Ron G.

I am a new subscriber to the [Strategic Fortunes] service, and I am impressed. Your recommendations in your monthly issues are thoroughly thought out, well written and easy to understand. I have invested in several of your recommendations and have seen good results. Your Strategic Fortunes will be a great source of investment ideas going forward. Keep up the great work!Drew P.

Ian King you are da man. I am an old dude just trying to add to my retirement and you are helping. I enjoy your writings and podcasts. I am glad you decided to leave from Wall Street. May you live happily ever after. Thank you!Don H.

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