Profit Point Alert is the latest research service that brings you consistent gains in as little as 12 to 36 months.

In fact, in live trading, across 83 investments and holding each for just two months on average, we saw a 94% total return in one year.

That’s because Profit Point Alert uses a system that involves breakthrough technology so unique, you’re not likely to find it anywhere outside of Wall Street. The goal is to identify companies before the mainstream catches on. That way we have the best opportunities to make the highest profits.

It doesn’t matter if the market is moving up, down or sideways. There are always opportunities to seize.

Our Profit Point stocks could be in almost any sector — from energy, to health care, to retail. But we have a heavy focus on biotech stocks. This sector provides the most opportunities for huge gains.

And each goes through my three-step process…

Step 1 — Identify a trend undergoing exponential growth. These trends usually pick up steam on the back of a macro-catalyst.

Step 2 — Select stocks with potential to see huge gains from the massive trend.

Within a specific trend, there are typically only a handful of stocks worth buying.

Using artificial intelligence, our “Profit Point” system extracts, transforms and analyzes data to determine the attractiveness of every stock in the universe.

Step 3 — Determine micro-catalysts that will move a stock’s price.

It’s common for stocks to trade in a sideways range until an event happens that moves its price.

Our Profit Point strategy aims to capture the stock price move from an event, while reducing the waiting time. By finding the best stocks and the best timing, we set ourselves up for investment home runs.

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