I was an early investor in bitcoin in 2013. This was years before most people had even heard of cryptocurrency.

I got in right around $100, just before bitcoin went on its historic rally.

I also invested in the cryptocurrencies 0X and ARK before they rallied to peak gains of 800% and 140% just one month later.

And by 2022, Next Wave subscribers could have made gains like these:

  • 18,000% on LUNA. (2021)
  • 14,000% on Solana. (2021)
  • 1,700% on Aave. (2022)
  • 3,300% on Helium. (2022)
  • 207% on Nexus Mutual. (2021)

In my unique research service, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, I share my expertise by helping everyday investors learn how to successfully navigate the crypto markets.

Cryptocurrencies are creating a new frontier across several sectors, from decentralized finance to cybersecurity. And I believe the impact of this next crypto wave will spread across virtually every sector of the economy.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes offers everything you need to take advantage of a potentially massive profit opportunity.

In this service, I guide readers step-by-step through every one of my recommendations.

I show you exactly what to do, when to do it and when to get out with your profits.

More importantly, each alert will be jampacked with my analysis of the specific crypto opportunity.

So you don’t just know what to trade, but why I recommended it.

Next Wave Crypto Fortunes could be your best chance to start building your crypto fortune today.


Here’s what readers are saying about Next Wave Crypto Fortunes:


I have been with you since the beginning of this service. With your amazing advice and guidance, I have turned a small $10K account into over six figures in just the past few years.

— Adam S.

Thank you so much for the Solana recommendation. I bought in at $1.68. I have since sold a little at about $35 and then a little more at $70, quadrupling my original investment total.

— Michael G.

Just a quick bite to say a big THANK YOU for your recent recommendations. I’m up over $8K since those recent additions & can’t wait to see where they go!

— Mike T.

I bought Sandbox (SAND) upon your recommendation. I see my $420 investment in SAND is at $2,400 today.

— Cary J.

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