Ian in server roomIan King uses a unique strategy to find innovative companies that will propel the economy forward. These companies will not only soar, but also enable a host of new technologies.

These new technologies are springing from trends like 5G, blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, drones and quantum computing…

And the right company in the right trend could deliver you a triple- or quadruple-digit windfall.

Just see what readers are saying about Ian King and Automatic Fortunes:

I joined you in January and have really enjoyed your services. I retired in January and have always wanted to do some stock trading. Automatic Fortunes has been a great investment for me. I love your weekly updates and webinars. I have a lot of faith in your stock picks, keep up your great work. I’m looking forward to continued success working with Automatic Fortunes. — Ron G.

I am a new subscriber to Automatic Fortunes service, and I am impressed. Your recommendations in your monthly issues are thoroughly thought out, well written, and easy to understand. I have invested in several of your recommendations and have seen good results. Your Automatic Fortunes will be a great source investment ideas going forward. Keep up the great work! — Drew P.

Ian King you are da man. I am an old dude just trying to add to my retirement and you are helping. I enjoy your writings and podcasts. I am glad you decided to leave from Wall Street. May you live happily ever after. Thank you! — Don H.

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