Watch Out for This Breakout Bull Market Sector in 2024

Watch Out for This Breakout Bull Market Sector in 2024

Welcome to a new year!

In the spirit of resolutions and forward thinking … let’s rewind. (Just for a second.)

Back in November, subscribers of my financial services tuned into an exclusive week-long prediction series for 2024.

I also shared my AI outlook with all of you…

Now, I want to share with you our biggest market predictions from that series.

I’m joined by Amber and our fellow lead analyst, Andrew Prince, to give you our full market outlook for this year, including:

  • 📈 A U.S. market review: as we consider the impact of interest rate hikes and inflation on mortgages and credit lines.
  • 🧐 A small-cap stock review: from their historic 2022 lows to a potential promising future.
  • 🦾 A tech market review: as I’ve said before, Big Tech owes its 2023 rally to the rise of AI. How are tech companies paving the way for the next bull market?

Watch the video below see what mega trends we’re looking out for in 2024. And which sector we believe will have a breakout bull market…

(Or read the transcript here.)

Until next time,

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

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