Should You Invest in Oil or Green Energy?

The epic battle between oil and green energy is fierce.

But we’re not here to argue the politics. We’re here to spot investing opportunities.

Even though the energy sector stands on the brink of a generational changing of the guard, we believe there’s potential to make money on both sides.

That’s why I sat down with Adam O’Dell, Chief Investment Strategist of Money & Markets.

Adam is breaking down his strategy to profit — from the “value” side of oil and the “growth” side of green energy.

In fact, we’ve got two opportunities to share in the energy sector (stock name and tickers included!).

Just check out today’s video to learn more…

(Or read the transcript here.)


🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Value vs. Growth: There’s been a kind of war between fossil fuels and renewable energy. But there are potential profits in both markets. [1:00]
  • Gotta Rank ‘Em All: Not every oil and gas company is created equal. Adam’s Green Zone Power Ratings system has ranked them. [3:49]
  • Opportunity #1: Here’s the best exchange-traded fund to get energy exposure. [4:50]
  • Opportunity #2: Adam reveals one of his top picks of publicly traded companies in the energy sector! [5:30]
  • Investing Tip: Find out more about Adam’s top-recommended oil stock to invest in before 2024. [8:25]

Until next time,

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes


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