How to Invest In the $52 Billion Future of AI

The power of artificial intelligence is only growing.

ChatGPT can create art and chart-topping music. It can deepfake and learn how to write entire essays in your voice.

It can even take your order in the drive-thru at Wendy’s.

This industry is projected to grow to a whopping $51.8 billion by 2028.

That’s why Amber Lancaster is joining me on this week’s episode of The Banyan Edge Podcast. We’re chatting about ChatGPT, the present and near future of AI and how it’s already affecting the U.S. economy.

And as an added bonus: We’re revealing our top AI and robotics ETF pick, so you can start investing in this massive trend.

Tune in below!

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Hot Topics in Today’s Podcast:

  • Mini Quiz: Can you spot the real pup in the thumbnail? [1:40]
  • Survey Says: AI and robotics ETFs are topping crypto as investments in 2023. [3:15]
  • Chart of the Day: Why investors are getting in on AI. (Hint: It’s making people money.) [8:55]
  • Market POV: How AI can (and likely will) help the U.S. inflation problem. [9:50]
  • Forecasting Future Profits: The AI industry’s projected market cap growth from 2021 to 2030. [16:45]
  • Investment Opportunity: Find out our top ETF pick in artificial intelligence and robotics! [19:10] 

More Edge: The Tech Behind AI

The core part of what makes AI software and robotics automation possible is microchips (or semiconductors).

According to Ian King, our resident financial expert in the tech world, the rapid growth of the AI trend is part of a larger phenomenon in the chip sector — because this tech powers electric vehicles, smart devices and so much more.

Ian’s new report details the #1 chip stock to own right now. It could potentially reach 1,000% or more gains over the next five years.

Want to learn more about it? Go here for all the details.

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