Great American Reset

Once a decade, the economy takes a small step backward in order to take a giant leap forward. Innovative companies will propel the economy forward.

The Great American Reset

What Is the Great American Reset?

Once a decade, the economy takes a small step backward in order to take a giant leap forward. During this “reset” period, inefficient companies die out, while innovative companies pave the way toward a more productive future.

During the COVID pandemic, the U.S. economy screeched to a halt. As a result, the government swooped in like an emergency room doctor to put it in a medical-induced coma. 

At least $6 trillion will be spent either lifting the financial markets or on business loans. With citizens hunkering indoors and schools and businesses temporarily closed ... the universe has hit the pause button on history itself. 

This is a “step backward” in the economy. But it’s only temporary. What comes next will be the “reset” period…

The “Great American Reset,” a term coined by Ian King, is the next upcoming historical event. In a nutshell, America is about to undergo unprecedented economic growth.

This growth will be so big that it will be felt from coast to coast. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor ... millennial or baby boomer ... Republican or Democrat — what’s coming will be a massive windfall for every American.

What Are Examples of the Great American Reset?

The pandemic has pushed advances in certain markets faster than we could have imagined.

These innovations are already transforming our daily lives for the better.

They’re altering the way we live, work and play. And they it will only get better from here.

We can see the first signs of these advancements taking hold:

  • Video conferencing software is now used by everyone for work, school and social gatherings.
  • Home-meal delivery services provide healthy meals without going out to the grocery store.
  • Online workout memberships and equipment, such as the Peloton, surged to new levels as the gym was no longer an option.
  • Drone technology advancements as citizens in remote places needed access to medicine and supplies without public contact.
  • Home improvements increased as people rethought their “home office” space.
  • Urban sprawl — More and more people reconsidered living in heavily populated cities since the virus hit those areas the hardest.

And those are just a few examples of markets that have benefited from pandemic.

The big picture is: This Great Reset is making room for forward-thinking, innovative companies that will thrive and propel the economy forward ... sending the stock market to new highs.

As with all major events in human history, this one will fundamentally change life as we know it.  It will be one of the biggest accelerations is in the tech market.

Many companies have switched their focus to keeping people safe, businesses running and students learning. We are seeing this adoption most in the new “work-from-home” movement. 

For instance, popular video conferencing software company Zoom has nearly doubled since February as online video calls replaced in-person meetings.
Now that companies have their businesses set up virtually, there will be an enormous shift in the number of remote employees.

Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 25% to 30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021. This creates a different world where most Americans will work from home. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be stuck in our homes forever… 

When we finally emerge from our home confinement, that’s when the Greatest Reset will begin.

When this happens, the economy will gradually improve, and Ian and his team expect the stock market to be at the head of the pack. It is, after all, a leading indicator.

What Is Driving the Great Reset

One major reason the stock market will recover quickly from the current malaise is the Federal Reserve.

The Fed took unprecedented steps to flood the markets with liquidity — even more than it did in past recessions.

Its current quantitative easing program is more aggressive than it was during the financial crisis of 2008, even though banks are in great shape. 

So, most stocks that survive the sell-off will have only one way to go — UP!

And Ian has the perfect indicator to find the stock best poised to soar.

There are three phases to it.

Phase 1 is inception.

This is when a new innovation comes to market. It can take years to develop. Sometimes, even decades. Investing in this stage is high risk, high reward.

Then, it enters phase 2 — the velocity phase. This is when the real growth happens, as an innovation reaches a tipping point and becomes broadly used. It’s low risk, high reward.

Phase 3 is saturation. At this point, the innovation becomes the new normal. Everyone is using it. For investors, this is low risk, low reward.

Inception Curve Chart

What Are the Reset Tipping-Point Trends

Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes focuses on tipping-point trends that will benefit the most in the Great Reset.

These are themes such as:

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