Trade Alert: Buy this Innovator in Autonomous Vehicles!

Imagine a sixteen-wheeler truck on the highway.

It’s in the lane next to you…

And it doesn’t have a driver.

It’s actually steering itself using autonomous driving capabilities.

I know that sounds a bit scary, but autonomous driving has been in development for several years.

Innovations in artificial intelligence and superior microchips are making Level 5 autonomy (or fully autonomous driving) possible.

Phil Koopman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, studies vehicle automation safety.

He agreed that “self-driving trucks can theoretically be safer than human-driven ones — for the very reason that they lack drivers who might become distracted or impaired.”

He did stipulate that the safety and reliability of these driverless cars would depend on the quality of the engineering…

Or in other words, the AI technology built into the machine.

The company we’re highlighting today is an autonomous vehicle startup that makes driverless trucks.

It already has its vehicles on the road in Arkansas and Ontario, Canada. It’s also set to expand to Texas later this year (including a very lucrative investment deal with Isuzu, the Japanese automaker.)

And if you’re ready to invest in the autonomous trend, we’re revealing one of my top stock picks.

It’s a true innovator in the autonomous vehicle market, which is set to grow from $35.5 billion in 2024 … to $76 billion by 2032.

Find out more in today’s video…

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