Google’s AI Gemini & Bitcoin: Trends the Market Can’t Ignore

“At Google, there is this healthy disregard for the impossible.” — James Manyika, senior vice president of research, technology and society at Google.

The AI narrative is changing every day, it seems, as tech companies step up their game.

The release of Google’s AI Gemini, (a new chatbot like ChatGPT) promises AI integration at an unseen level.

It could even beat out ChatGPT.

Because this chatbot is designed to be multimodal, “capable of seeing the world the way humans do through video, audio, text and images.”

But AI isn’t the only tech innovation that’s gaining momentum.

Cryptocurrency has captured major headlines — even on CNBC! In fact, news about the bitcoin halving event and potential approval of several bitcoin exchange-traded funds sent the price of bitcoin (BTC) surging by 60% this past week.

Crypto is becoming something the market “can’t ignore.”

I believe the developments in bitcoin present a great investing opportunity…

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: The November U.S. jobs report is in! And unemployment fell to a surprising percentage rate. Could we be headed for an economic soft landing? [1:30]
  • Mega Trend: 30 new electric vehicle models by 2030! That’s where Honda is headed (trying to compete with Tesla?). Amber also gives a preview of CES 2024: “The most powerful tech event in the world.” [6:55]
  • Crypto Corner: CNBC is finally catching up about the bitcoin halving event. Aside from a potential crypto rally and central banks investing in the sector, I answer your crypto questions from our Market Insights mailbag. Along with a look at Google’s AI Gemini. [12:15]
  • Investing Opportunity: Before crypto breaks into its next wave (its upcoming bull market), learn more about how you can invest here.

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