NEW VIDEO: Your Crypto Questions Answered

NEW VIDEO: Your Crypto Questions Answered

When people ask me about cryptos, I typically get questions on…

Bitcoin. Ethereum. And occasionally Dogecoin.

But the truth is, there are over 19,000 cryptos in existence today.

Shocking, right?

Well, I don’t expect many of these cryptos to be around in the years to come. Because the majority have no real-world use or (and I hate to say it) are scams.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do. It gives me great pleasure to help steer my readers away from the noise and toward the cryptos that will shape our world…

Cryptos with the potential to surge 10X, 50X or even 100X.

So when Garrett Baldwin from Agora Uncensored asked if I would sit down for an interview to discuss cryptos, I jumped at the chance.

Crypto Questions: Answered!

Now, this interview was supposed to be exclusive to Agora Uncensored readers. But I know that you, Winning Investor Nation, want to hear everything we have to say.

So with Garrett’s permission, I am sharing this exclusive interview with you today.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • Why the markets are never as bad (or as good) as everyone thinks.
  • What’s next for bitcoin in the near term — and why it hasn’t hit the $100,000 mark yet.
  • If bitcoin — or any other crypto — could one day become the world reserve currency. (The answer might surprise you.)
  • The right way to position size your crypto investments.
  • And so much more!

Just click the play button below to watch the interview now…

And if you’d like more details on Strategic Fortunes, click here.


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