This Nasdaq Chart Could Signal the Best Time to Buy Stocks

This Nasdaq Chart Could Signal the Best Time to Buy Stocks

Is the economy going to crumble if the Federal Reserve hits us with another rate hike tomorrow?

I’ve seen a lot of scary narratives about it … maybe it’s a Halloween thing? Because I’m seeing something else…

In fact, there’s one chart I want to show you.

This Nasdaq indicator has pointed to some historical returns in the stock market.

Plus, everything changed earlier this year…

The AI narrative took shape. We saw Big Tech companies really lift off (many in our Strategic Fortunes portfolio).

So what’s next?

I have been saying this — we’re in a bull market.

And now could be the perfect time to buy stocks before 2024…

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: U.S. consumers (we the people) are spending more money than economists expected. That’s because the jobs market is still running hot. Here’s how the Fed might respond. [1:00]
  • Market Moves: This 200-day moving average could signal a “line in the sand.” Aka: The best time to buy stocks. [4:45]
  • Mega Trend: Hedge fund managers are ratcheting up their exposure to uranium — a “Next-Gen” energy sector. [8:19]
  • Investing Opportunity #1: Consider buying this exchange-traded fund if you want to invest in uranium and nuclear energy.
  • Investing Opportunity #2: Subscribers of the Strategic Fortunes newsletter also have access to our new nuclear innovator stock pick! Find out how you can subscribe here. [10:00]
  • Crypto Corner: “What makes bitcoin valuable?” Art asked, and I answered. [12:20]

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