This Isn’t a Great Depression — Gigantic Rebound Ahead

This Isn’t a Great Depression — Gigantic Rebound Ahead

With a few exceptions, the past 10 years have been a relatively calm and prosperous time for the markets.

That makes it easy to forget just how volatile stocks can be when there’s a crisis.

But for all of the past bear markets, there’s no one who says: “I wish I sold my stocks in the middle of the bear market.”

Everyone says: “I wish I’d bought more stocks during that bear market.”

In today’s 16-minute Market Insights video, my colleague Jeff Yastine and I explain why you absolutely need to take advantage of the gigantic rebound that’s ahead.


Every Day Gets Us Closer to the Recovery

Jeff says: “I think that what we’ll see here is sort of a bottoming out, which I tend to feel is actually happening right now. I wouldn’t doubt that we see maybe a bounce and then a retest in a month or five weeks from now, something like that. But really, every day that goes by from here on is another day that gets us closer to the recovery.”


It’s a Great Time for Acquisitions

In today’s video, I say: “I can totally see Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway — I think it has $200 billion in cash on hand — moving into something like Delta Air Lines or one of these tour operators or leisure companies that have been hit so hard.”


The Coronavirus Crisis Will End Quickly

Jeff says: “You flip on the news, and it leaves you feeling horrendous. So, of course, people want to sell and end the pain. But I think the key is, it’s going to end pretty quickly. And I also feel like it’s going to be one of those deals where very suddenly — just like we saw in China — it will move off of the front pages because the media will have moved on to worrying about other things, like the recovery.”



Ian King

Editor, Automatic Fortunes

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