Ian King

Ian King is a stock market expert and former hedge fund manager. He now helps Main Street Americans boost their retirement portfolios with his stock picking service Strategic Fortunes.

Strategic Fortunes is a unique stock picking service. Ian King finds innovative companies with massive developments set to trigger a revolution.

The New Era of Opportunity

America is racing into an exciting, new era of opportunity…

Quickly moving us away from the old world that existed in brick-and-mortar buildings, into a new world that exists online. 

In Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, Ian King guides you through the crypto world. You’ll learn everything you need to know about trading and storing cryptos.


My career on Wall Street started while I was in college. I spent a summer interning for Merrill Lynch in the middle of the ‘90s bull market.

I was fascinated with trading, and as a result, after college I joined Salomon Brothers in the famed mortgage bond trading department. Later, I spent time at Citigroup working with credit derivatives … and then a decade as the head trader at Peahi Capital, a New York-based hedge fund, where my team made a 339% total return in 2008 alone.

It was during these periods that I realized how much I enjoyed being part of a process that saw investors make tens of millions of dollars — sometimes on single trades.

I spent over two decades developing a process for successful trading systems. It’s why I got into the market myself, instead of simply reading about it.

My exclusive market insights have also been featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia and Seeking Alpha.

Eventually, I needed to walk away from the excesses of Wall Street, as I grew tired of making rich people richer. This led me to Banyan Hill…

In 2017, I joined Banyan Hill Publishing to help readers get ahead of the burgeoning crypto market.

Now I’m excited to bring that strategy to Banyan Hill Publishing as their investing expert — letting readers in on the massive gains, because there’s much more upside ahead.

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My Story

As odd as it might sound, my investing success stems from my summers surfing on the Jersey Shore.

Surfing, in some ways, is like investing. Markets and waves are both unpredictable, dynamic environments that never repeat.  

You’ll never catch the same wave twice — or experience the same market twice. However, you’ll face similar conditions again and again.  

Both are art forms where you can continually improve your process and get better over time.  

Experienced surfers can read the wave and shift their weight accordingly. They know when to slow down and speed up, when to tuck into a tubular section or when to bail out.  

The same goes for trading. Experienced investors know when to buy and sell, when to trim positions and when to add more.

And with practice and research, I’m able to pinpoint stocks with the best entry and exit points for the biggest gains…

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The pandemic has thrust America decades into the future … igniting an historic tech boom. It’s time to buy! And Ian King’s research service Strategic Fortunes can help you navigate this tech boom.

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